Art of Baking Piping Set

Art of Baking Piping Set

This piping set is perfect for decorating cakes & cupcakes, piping choux pastry or forming the perfect macaroon. The set includes 6 stainless steel nozzles & a 27cm reusable nylon bag. Nozzles of various shapes and sizes will assist you in creating perfect uniform patterns & shapes.

Material: Stainless steel nozzles, nylon bag

Care: Wash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly after washing. Dry the nozzles immediately after washing to prevent spots & rust. Store in a dry location.

Tip: Don't overfill the icing bag, otherwise the icing will leak out!

Wiltshire's Art of Baking is a comprehensive and affordable range of Baking tools for the home baker. From baking beads to presentation boards, the range covers all you need to create professional baking results at home.

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