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How to make the best scrambled eggs

11 November 2015

Scrambled eggs are often one of the first dishes we learn as a young cook. Fully mastering this fare can be more difficult than it looks. How many times have you hoped to serve fluffy, delicious eggs like those from your local cafe, but you end up with a spongy dry mess? Well, we are here to help. Try these tips to help you master the scramble every time!

Non-stick is key!


Banana cake - deliciously underrated

02 July 2015

Crowd pleasers like chocolate cake and cheesecake are always going to top the list, but there's nothing like the familiar aroma that fills your home when baking a simple banana cake.

This resourceful baked good finds its base from old ingredients and can be easily adapted to any palate by pairing it with blueberries, chocolate, nutella or coconut.

Still not satisfied by the versatility of this old favourite? Serve it hot with melted butter at breakfast or cold with ice cream for dessert.


Cooking, Baking & Blending with Avocado

10 February 2015

Don’t be fooled by the word “fat” when we refer to the good fats in avocados. This superfood is not only good for you; it tastes absolutely delicious and can be used as an alternative for foods high in sugar and saturated fats!

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Comfort foods

02 June 2014

As the warmth of summer ebbs slowly into colder, shorter days, we crave comfort foods. Old favourites like pumpkin soup, roasted vegetables, and beautifully seasoned meats.

And for good reason: they're delicious!