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Lining a Springform Tin

26 October 2015

Don't fuss when lining the base of a springform tin with baking paper. Tear off a square of baking paper about 10cm larger than the tin, release the outside of the tin, place the paper over the base and then clamp the side of the tin around the base to hold the paper in place. So much quicker than cutting a round to line it and the extra paper hanging out the side will actually give you something to lift the cake off the base once it's cooked.


Why did my cake crack?

22 July 2015

It’s quite normal for most cakes to rise slightly, but if a cake ‘domes’ in the centre and/or cracks significantly, it could be due to one or a combination of the following reasons:


Banana cake - deliciously underrated

02 July 2015

Crowd pleasers like chocolate cake and cheesecake are always going to top the list, but there's nothing like the familiar aroma that fills your home when baking a simple banana cake.

This resourceful baked good finds its base from old ingredients and can be easily adapted to any palate by pairing it with blueberries, chocolate, nutella or coconut.

Still not satisfied by the versatility of this old favourite? Serve it hot with melted butter at breakfast or cold with ice cream for dessert.


Why is it important to use eggs at room temperature when baking?

21 May 2015

From providing structure, texture and richness through to binding, giving flavour and providing a golden glaze for breads and pastries, eggs fill many roles when used in baking.
But are they best used chilled or at room temperature?

For baking, eggs are actually best used at room temperature and there are two main reasons for this:

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A guide to wholegrain gluten-free flours in baking

24 March 2015

Gluten-free baking is a tricky business. There is no one simple solution or explanation for substituting gluten-free flours for flours that contain gluten in your baking.