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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Banana cake - deliciously underrated

Crowd pleasers like chocolate cake and cheesecake are always going to top the list, but there's nothing like the familiar aroma that fills your home when baking a simple banana cake.

This resourceful baked good finds its base from old ingredients and can be easily adapted to any palate by pairing it with blueberries, chocolate, nutella or coconut.

Still not satisfied by the versatility of this old favourite? Serve it hot with melted butter at breakfast or cold with ice cream for dessert.

Bake it in a tin and call it cake, or in a loaf pan and call it bread. Had too much (unlikely) and have leftovers? Wrap it in foil in separate pieces and store in the freezer to grab out for an afternoon snack!

Why not try this delicious banana cake recipe. Not only is this cake a total cinch to make, it was also the winning recipe from Cleo Sids, in our recent Bake My Day competition on Facebook! Thanks for your delicious recipe Cleo!


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