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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

How do I know if my Eggs are Fresh

Whether poaching, boiling or scrambling eggs, fresh is best.

Do you remember how everyone used to check if their eggs were fresh? Do you remember seeing a bowl of water and not quite being certain what the eggs mean when they float or sink?

This is still the best and fastest way to check your eggs... here we have the 1 stop guide for you next time you feel like those eggs have been in the fridge a little too long!

 To check freshness follow these simple steps!

  1. Place eggs in a large bowl of cold water. (For 1 egg, simply use a tall glass)
  2. Watch if the egg sinks or floats, this will show how old they are. 
  • If the eggs float to the top then your eggs are old! They float because the air pocket in the egg is getting larger with age.
  • If your eggs sink to the bottom, they are super fresh.
  • If your eggs sinks and then floats a little or the tip of the egg floats on an angle, they are are somewhere in between and approximately 1-2 weeks old which is still fine to eat.

This is a fun test to do with the kids when you are next baking in the kitchen!


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