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You’ve already spent hours baking the perfect sponge, so make sure each layer meets the same standard of greatness with our Cake Leveller. It can also smooth the surface for decoration for when the top isn’t quite perfect (we won’t tell).

Size: 34.5cm/13in, suitable for most cakes

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Ensure your freshly baked cake has the perfect space to be filled with luscious buttercream, thick icing or sweet jam as this leveller slices precisely through the sponge.

For best results, decide how thick you want each layer, we recommend around 2cm, and position the wire into the notch. Each notch is about a cm so you can measure accurately. Then, simply cut into the cake in a sawing motion and glide the wire through the cake effortlessly. The cake leveller is 34.5cm in diameter, so it can be used for any round or squared cakes from small to large.

It is made from quality stainless steel. And it even is dishwasher safe so you have time to stand back and truly appreciate your finished masterpiece.


  • 34.5cm/13in, suitable for most cakes
  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • Create precisely levelled layers
  • Ideal for trimming top of your cake to decorate
  • Adjustable heights

Usage & care

  • We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Determine the thickness you wish to cut your cake, most layer cakes are 2cm high for each layer. Position the ends of the wire into the notches (2nd notch from the base for a 2cm thickness). Place the cake leveller on an even surface and cut into the cake edge with a sawing motion. Then proceed by gently gliding wire through the cake.
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