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Silicone Baking Mat

$15.00 $9.00

Gone are the days of sticky surfaces, flour dusted table tops and cookies getting stuck to the tray thanks to our Silicone Baking Mat. The non-stick surface means that you won’t lose any precious dough in the process, and the wipe clean surface means you can spend more time watching your finished creations in the oven.

Size: 40.5cm x 30.5cm

Colour Rush Silicone Slotted Spoon

$6.00 $3.60

The Colour Rush range is here to make your cooking and baking creations more fun and colourful, with 3 pastel colours to play and choose from.

One item is supplied. Colour will vary.

Silicone Preparation Mat

$25.00 $15.00

There is no such thing as too much preparation! Our Pastry Preparation Mat doesn’t just provide the perfect surface for rolling: it can be used for kneading and cutting and also features measurements on the surface for precision.

Size: 43cm x 28cm

Silicone Cupcake Mould Pack of 12

$14.00 $8.40

Create the perfect shaped cupcakes for the next birthday party or event with this silicone Pack of 12 Cupcake Cases. The silicone is non-stick (although a little butter never goes amiss) and the pack of 12 means there is plenty to go around.

Size: 7cm x 3cm

Silicone Scraper Pack of 2

$12.00 $7.20

Make sure you don’t lose a single drop of dough or batter with this Set of 2 Silicone Bowl Scrapers - which means even more cake to eat and cookies to munch!
It features a kitchen conversation table on the product which takes out all of the guesswork, and the silicone finish provides easy, food-safe use.

Size: 13cm x 10cm

Reusable Silicone Bowl Covers Set of 3

$10.00 $6.00

Keep freshness locked in with our Reusable Bowl Covers. They come in 3 handy sizes and are made from BPA free silicone. You can do your little bit to help the war on waste by reducing the use of plastic wrap, and keep your food fresh in the fridge.


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