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2 in 1 Oil & Vinegar Sprayer


Healthy eating is made easy with the Wiltshire 2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Sprayer.

How to use.
1. Locate the lock on the stainless steel part of the bottle, and turn counter clockwise until you hear a click. The unlock mark should be aligned to the partition inside the bottle.
2. Fill the side of the oil with extra virgin olive oil or your favourite salad oil. The other half, fill with balsamic vinegar.
Put the lid back on, making sure that the black spray is on the vinegar side, and the white spray is on the oil side.
4. Twist the cap clockwise to lock and align the lock mark to the inside partition.
5. Turn the grey cap to desired mix of the oil and vinegar.
6. Pull lever down to spray your oil or dressing.


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