Bar-B Cleaning Stone


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Tough, burnt-on food and fat is no match for our Bar-B Cleaning Stone. It's the new chemical & bristle free cleaning option for a fast and efficient cleaning of your BBQ.

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The stone is made of odourless, non-toxic, chemical-free pumice for a healthier cooking surface. It cleans faster and more efficiently than typical cleaning brushes and scrapers. And it keeps these nasty metal bristles away from your food. It fits our Cleaning Stone Handle, which will keep your arms away from the heat of the grill. So it's one neat little package that saves you time.


  • Can be used on its own or as replenishment for the Wiltshire Cleaning Stone Handle
  • Odourless, non-toxic, chemical-free pumice stone
  • Safe alternative for metal bristle cleaning brushes
  • Use on hot and cold surfaces
  • Moulds to any grill shape

Usage & care

  • 1. For use on grill and hot plates only.
  • 2. Insert the pumice stone into the handle or hold stone in your hand. Wet it slightly to improve its efficiency.
  • 3. Rub your grill with the pumice in a back and forth motion, using light pressure. The pumice will mould to the shape.
  • 4. Remove any pumice residue before cooking.
    Note: The pumice stone will wear away as you use it.
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