Staysharp Multipurpose Utility Knife 15cm

Staysharp Multipurpose Utility Knife 15cm

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An everyday preparation knife for cutting crusty bread or tough skinned foods like tomatoes & sausages.

Dimensions: 15cm blade length. Total length 27cm.

Materials: High quality stainless steel


  • Handwashing is recommended. 
  • Dry the knife thoroughly prior to storing in the scabbard.
  • The scabbard's sharpening cassette will need to cleaned regularly. Remove the end cap, tap the tip of the scabbard onto a clean benchtop & dispose of the small stainless steel filings that fall out. 

The iconic Wiltshire Staysharp Knives have been in Australian homes since 1938. Wiltshire Staysharp Knives are known and trusted for their self-sharpening mechanism and providing good quality and durable knives. Wiltshire Staysharp Knives sharpen with every pull for perfectly sharp knives, every time.

With a new colour coding system to help you easily recognise each knife in your drawer, not only will you find your knives easier, but they will brighten up your kitchen! Keep an eye out in stores for this new colour range.

Each knife has its own scabbard case, sharpening and honing the knife each time it is removed, plus an advanced locking system holding the knife in place in your drawer.

  • Good Design Australia award category winner.
  • Patented self sharpening system.
  • 5 year guarantee