Harmony Cutlery Set 16 Piece


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Table manners rusty? Where to set the dessert spoon? Which fork to use? Doesn’t matter. Our Harmony 16 Piece Cutlery Set, is designed for 4 people and everyday living (and peaceful mealtimes) without the fuss.

Set contains: 4 Table Forks, 4 Table Knives, 4 Dessert Spoons, 4 Teaspoons

SKU: 50900
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Why you'll love me...

Made from high quality stainless steel, this cutlery set is strong enough to last through breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. With sixteen pieces, its the perfect set for you and your family to use every day. And because good looks just add to taste, you’ll love the english design with mirror finish.
It’s all about making mealtimes easy and enjoyable, just the way you like it.


  • High quality stainless steel
  • Traditional design with mirror finish
  • Toughened blades for durability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 year guarantee

Usage & care

  • For more free time, our Cutlery is dishwasher safe.
  • Keep the sparkle in your cutlery for years to come with a few easy tips.
  • Rinse immediately after use as acids in foods cause damage.
  • Remove cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the wash cycle is complete. If moisture remains, dry with a soft clean cloth to avoid water marks.
  • Avoid abrasive cleansers and scourers as they will scratch the cutlery surface.
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